Marketing Analytics: 23% of net sales improvement in two years by marketing analytics to 50 year old chemical manufacturing company


Establishing digital presence and improving sales through marketing analytics


  • Plan and design of new website that meets present trends of digital marketing
  • SEO and SMO was done to international markets
  • All social media platforms started and updated regularly with updated content of company
  • Branding improvement by starting Wikipedia and google my business pages
  • Multiple digital marketing campaigns and email campaigns are conducted on company strengths and updates
  • Analyzing regularly the results of each activity and improving existing methods and implementing new methods


Two year change in net sales before and after digital marketing implementation:

Before : 2014-2017

After : 2017-2019

Value Addition

  • 23% increase in net sales with 12% increase in external sales. 4% increase in earnings per share
  • 100% increase in enquiries for products
  • More than 50% increase in website traffic, 67% increase in pageviews, 10% conversion rate on forms
Attendee 9.5%
Non Attendee 36%
"Thank you Zigna Analytics for providing such valuable insights. It helped us in better understanding of our training sessions."